Attorney-at-law and Children’s Advocate, Diahann Gordon Harrison, says criminal offenders are noticeably copycatting each other in committing sexual assaults on individuals.

Mrs Gordon Harrison denounced the most recent attack on the nation’s children after a 13 year old girl was buggered in St. Ann over the weekend as well as reports of another assault on a five year old boy in the same parish.

Gordon Harrison is urging parents to be more vigilante of persons who have easy access to their children.

Mrs Gordon Harrison says a number of issues are at play in identifying what drives perpetrators to commit sexual offences against children.

The Children’s Advocate says currently the maximum punishment concerning buggery is a prison term not exceeding ten years at hard labor whereas the maximum penalty for rape is life imprisonment.

Gordon Harrison agrees that harsher penalties are needed, while adding that she has already posited several recommendations on ways to curtail the frequency of sexual assault incidents.

Diahann Gordon Harrison, Attorney-at-law and Children’s Advocate.

She was speaking on Nationwide last evening with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid.