The prosecution’s main witness is to resume testimony in the high profile Clarendon death squad murder trial today.

Yesterday, the witness gave gripping testimony about how a reputed member of the alleged Clarendon-based death squad, Constable Collis Brown, shot him with a high powered weapon then stomped on his head.

Constable Brown, who’s otherwise known as Chucky, is on trial in the Home Circuit Court in Downtown Kingston.

Also on trial is Constable Rohan Morris.

Both are accused of murder and shooting with intent in connection with an alleged incident in February 2010.

The witness told the Court that on the day in question, he was on his way to a pharmacy at the May Pen Mall in Clarendon to purchase medication. He says was accosted by men in a Toyota Probox car.

The witness says he recognized one of the men as Constable Brown.

According to the witness, Brown and Morrison came out of the car and pointed what he described as long guns at him.

The witness says Brown, who was dressed in all black and had on a black tam, ordered him to get on his knees.

The witness got emotional when he told the Court that shortly after, Constable Brown shot him.

According to the witness, he fell to the ground and Brown then placed his foot on his head.

During his examination in chief, the witness further testified that he heard the sound of more gunfire.

The witness says he was subsequently placed in a bus and a dead man’s body was placed on top of him.

The witness again got emotional when he told the Court about how blood and marrow from the dead man drained on him while he was in the bus.

Constables Brown and Morrison were both charged by INDECOM. Brown has been denied bail multiple times.

He’s reportedly given statements to INDECOM where he alleged that a group of Policemen in Clarendon killed unarmed men on the orders of current and former senior members of the Police High Command.

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