Buses operated by the state-owned Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC, will soon have to comply with the government’s directive that there should be no tints on public passenger vehicles.

Head of the Traffic Police, Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen, made the announcement at a media conference yesterday.

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However, he did not say precisely when JUTC buses would have to begin complying with the directive.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced last week that tints should be removed from all public passenger vehicles.

This, in a move to address a spate of abductions and murders of women and children, some allegedly involving the use of taxis.

Taxi operators had lashed out at the measure, calling it an ‘attack’ on them.

Chairman of the Transport Authority, Joseph Shoucair, says JUTC buses will need additional time to comply.

This, as some are made with tints.

Speaking yesterday at a media conference at the Transport Authority, on Maxfield Avenue, in St. Andrew, SSP Allen said other vehicles made with tints will have to pass a test in order to be approved for use as a public passenger vehicle.

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And, the police have begun prosecuting public passenger vehicle operators who’ve failed to remove tints from their units in keeping with the regulations.

That’s the word from the Head of the Traffic and Highway Division of the JCF, Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen.

However, he also pointed out that there’s been a high rate of compliance among operators.

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SSP Clavin Allen says his division is equipped to deal with the enforcement of the law.