Industry Minister, Anthony Hylton and the Simpson Miller administration, are being criticized by former Contractor General, Greg Christie, for their handling of the botched USD$5-billion Anchor Finance/Krauck proposed investment.

Mr. Christie described as ‘inept’ the Government’s handling of the matter.

According to Mr. Christie, the incompetent manner in which the failed proposal was brought to the table, teaches a lesson.

He says once more Jamaica has suffered because of its failure to adhere, at the outset, to best practices in procurement and infrastructure development.

Mr. Christie says to go forward, the project must be described and put to open international competitive tender, to ensure integrity, transparency, and value for money.

Yesterday, Cabinet said it had accepted a recommendation from the Professor Gordon Shirley-led Logistics Council, NLIC, that negotiations with Krauck should not proceed at this time.

But Cabinet said the Industry Ministry is free to continue negotiating with Krauck, if it so wishes.

Several private sector and civil society leaders have described the stance adopted by Cabinet as outrageous, unusual and unprecedented.

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