Tough talking former Contractor General, Greg Christie, says four of the country’s prominent defense attorneys are misguided in their suggestion that Prime Minister Andrew Holness should not proceed with proposed amendments to the Bail Act.

Prime Minister Holness told the House of Representatives on Tuesday that the Bail Act is to be amended to allow for persons charged with murder to be deemed ineligible for bail under certain circumstances.

But defense attorneys – Valerie Neita-Robertson, Linton Gordon, Patrick Bailey and Peter Champagnie have come out strongly against the move – describing it as unconstitutional.

Mr. Champagnie said the proposal is dangerous as it appears that the intent is to take away the discretion of judges.

This he says would be a violation of the Charter of Rights in the Jamaican constitution.

Linton Gordon is quoted in the Gleaner newspaper today as saying politicians should not interfere in matters concerning the judiciary – including the issue of bail.

Greg Christie disagrees.

Writing on twitter today – Mr. Christie indicated that it’s the politicians – led by the Prime Minister who under Jamaican law are empowered to make and amend Laws, including the Constitution.

Mr. Christie says it’s evident that the learned defence attorneys who’ve objected to the proposal to amend the bail act towards assisting the crime fight have misguided themselves regarding the crucial issue.

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