Concerned citizens are calling for swift intervention in the maintenance of the “official residence of the Prime Minister”, Vale Royal.

The property has fallen into a state of serious disrepair.

This was confirmed by the National Works Agency, NWA, following an assessment commissioned in 2014.

Concerns over the state of the lot have been raised by concerned citizens in the area who through the years have witnessed the steady degradation of the infrastructure and see the knock on effects manifest themselves in various ways.

One such group that has raised issues with the state of this monument is the Golden Triangle Neighbourhood Association, the community in which Vale Royal is located.

Blogger and Environmental activist, Emma Lewis is a member of the Association.

Another member of the Association, Andrea Chin-See says they’ve made several efforts to get the intervention of the Prime Minister on the matter.

Ms. Lewis is calling for the restoration of the property.

She’s suggesting that the over 300 year old property could be converted into an interactive museum.

Emma Lewis, Blogger, Environmental activist, and a member of the Golden Triangle Neighbourhood Association speaking on Nationwide This Morning.

The historic building and the lands upon which it is built are national treasures, with Vale Royal being listed as a National Heritage Monument and the park land it occupies provide a stark contrast to the concrete jungle that is the rest of the corporate area.