Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams is warning criminals responsible for the 18-percent spike in murders this year that they will be caught.

At the same time, the Commissioner Williams is appealing to the population to be calm and not be frightened by the spike.

Abka Fitz-Henley reports:

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On Monday, Nationwide News disclosed that murders are up by 18-percent this year compared to last year but all other serious crimes are down.

The previous update had indicated that murders were up by 16-percent.

The country’s Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams is this afternoon sending a message to persons responsible for snuffing out 4-hundred-and-28- lives this year.

Speaking with our news centre this afternoon,Dr. Williams says the Police are perturbed but not phased by the increase in murders.

He says he recognises that there’s no quick fix to the murder problem.
However Dr. Williams says he’s on a mission.

Sections of Spanish Town in St. Catherine, as well as areas in the parishes of St. James and Clarendon have been blamed for the increase in murders this year following 16-percent reduction last year.

Dr. Williams toured Spanish Town last week and made a stop in the troubled community of Bucknor in Clarendon yesterday.