The National Water Commission, NWC, says some sections of Hanover and Westmoreland are to be without water for the next few days.

This the Commission says is due to challenges with its Copse Relift plant in Hanover and the Petersville Deepwell in Westmoreland.

The NWC says both plants are being impacted by electro-mechanical challenges.

The following communities in Hanover are to be affected: Copse, Friendship, Eden and Lethe.

In Westmoreland, the communities of Petersville, Coco Walk, Well Road, Long Hill and Fustic Road will be affected.

The NWC says its maintenance team is already working to resolve the challenges.

Service will be restored to communities served by the Copse plant by Wednesday, July 10 and to the areas served by Petersville plant by Friday, July 26.