The Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association, JHTA, is calling for AirBNBs to be taxed.

The call follows a statement from Tourism Minister, Ed Bartlett, this week refuting reports that the government plans to start taxing AirBNB operators.

Minister Bartlett says there’re no discussions about taxing local AirBNB providers.

But, the Tourism Minister says there’ve been discussions about a possible ‘administrative charge’ which could be applied to AirBNB.

However, the JHTA says if their members have to observe certain rules and taxes, AirBNBs should too.

In a statement this morning, the association is calling for the sector to pay the minimum Guest Accommodation Room Tax, GART, of 1-US dollar per night when their rooms are occupied.

JHTA members currently pay between 1 and 4 US dollars in GART per night.

The association also says AirBNB operators should be required to follow a minimum set of rules, which will ensure safety and security for their guests and the country.

They say the AirBNB sector has become profitable, attracting significant businesses and investors, and that it’s not just a ‘small man’s hustle’ anymore.

Earlier this week, Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett