Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke, says the compensation review of will go a far way in cushioning the impact of high prices on public sector workers.

Dr. Clarke says this is why it’s important to complete the process in a timely fashion.

Speaking this afternoon on Cliff Hughes On Line, the Finance Minister sought to assure Jamaicans more support will be given to help offset the impact of surging prices in the rest of the financial year.

Wayne Walker reports.

The government is pursuing a long anticipated compensation review which is expected to improve the take home pay of thousands of government workers.

The Finance Minister says while it was not intended as a form of social assistance, the timing will do much to help ease the burden of high prices faced by civil servants.

The country has already seen a more than 30 per cent rise in food and fuel prices this year compared to the previous.

Dr. Clarke noted that some 400 thousand Jamaican households have already benefited from the government’s electricity bill assistance initiative.

However, he says the support will not stop there.

The Finance Minister says Jamaicans can expect more help in coming months.

Dr. Clarke has however warned that any future assistance will be based on how the economy performs and the available fiscal space.

Wayne Walker for Nationwide News.