Five persons convicted on May 15 over a massive fraud at the Manchester Municipal Corporation, are to be sentenced today.

The sentencing hearing is set to start at 10 this morning in the Manchester Parish Court.

Senior Parish Judge in St Elizabeth, exercising jurisdiction in Manchester, Her Honour Ann-Marie Lawrence Grainger is presiding over the matter.

Former Superintendent of Roads and Works at the Corporation, Sanjay Elliot, the mastermind behind the fraud, his former employee Dwayne Sibblies, former Acting CEO, David Harris and former Temporary Works Overseer, Kendale Roberts were all found guilty.

Elliot’s wife, Tasha-Gaye, has also been found guilty.

Elliot’s mother, Myrtle and a former bank teller, Radcliffe McLean were the two other defendants who’ve been set free.

The trial began last year.

Sanjay Elliott, Tasha-Gaye Goldbourne Elliott, and Dwayne Sibblies are being represented by Attorney Norman Godfrey.

Queen’s Counsel Peter Champagnie and Attorney Samoya Campbell are representing Kendale Roberts.

While Attorney Danielle Archer is representing the former Acting CEO, David Harris.

The seven accused were before the courts answering to 25 counts in total.

Elliott, McLean and Sibblies were convicted of conspiring to process fraudulent cheques, which were then withdrawn from the municipal corporation’s bank account between 2013 and 2016.

The five have been convicted for Conspiracy to Defraud.

Elliott, Harris and Roberts, who were all public officers, were also convicted for Act of Corruption.