Tauna Thomas reports

Market Me is threatening legal action over recent personal attacks against one of its directors.

The company has become entangled in the controversy surrounding the award of government contracts for the Ministry of Health’s Jamaica Moves campaign.

In a statement yesterday, the company says it intends to use all available legal resources to vigorously protect its work and reputation.

It also says none of its officers, directors or shareholders are public figures.

In an attempt to set the record straight, Market Me posted a statement to its official landing page online on Sunday.

The company says its responding to unwarranted public statements in recent weeks regarding the Jamaica Moves initiative.

It says it intends to use all available legal remedies to vigorously protect its work and reputation when they’re “unfairly and baselessly targeted”.

One of its directors, Lyndsey McDonnough, has been publicly criticized, after news emerged that she may have served on the board of the National Health Fund, NHF, up to a week before the same board approved a multi-million dollar contract for Market Me.

In the statement, Market Me says that like many private sector leaders, it’s executives have served on public boards.

It says at no time did any such appointments result in a conflict of interest, regarding Jamaica Moves or any other project.

The entity says it’s offered services to more than 100 clients across various sectors, including local and international media houses.

Founded in 2013, Market Me says since 2014, it’s done “high-quality value for money work” across two political administrations on various public sector projects.

The company says it’s satisfied all legal, regulations and procedures have been complied with for these efforts.

Meanwhile, Market Me claims it conceptualized and pursued the Jamaica Moves initiative to counter obesity and lifestyle illnesses.

It says it approached several private and public sector partners, including the Health and Wellness Ministry for funding.

It says between 2016 and 2020, it amassed well over 75 million dollars in corporate and private funding for the initiative.

That’s more than the accumulated 54 point 8 million dollars it reportedly earned from the Ministry’s contract.

Market Me says much of Jamaica Moves’ expenses were paid by the private sector entities directly to suppliers and not through the company itself.

It says with its local success, it’s since launched the project in other Caribbean countries.

And it says while its contracts with the Health Ministry has ended, it’s anticipating other matters such as ownership and intellectual property rights will be addressed in its renewal negotiations.