Despite the Government securing an injunction last night ordering Police personnel to end their sick out, hundreds of them defied the order and continue their action for a second consecutive day.

In this Nationwide News report, we take a look at how some police divisions and areas have been been impacted by the sick out.

Cecil Thoms has more:

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Our newscenter was unable to reach ACP Paul Ferguson who has oversight responsibility for Area 1 which constitutes St. James, Hanover, Westmoreland and Trelawny.

But we were able to reach the Senior Superintendent in charge of the St James Division Steve McGregor.

According to SSP McGregor, on any given day, he would have 1-hundred-and-60 officers on duty during the day and another 90 on the night shift.

But he says since the protest action started, over 1-hundred-and-70 officers have called in sick.

Today, he says, he was able to dispatch only 76-officers.

ACP Glenford Hudson, who is in charge of Area 2, which takes in Portland, St. Mary and St. Thomas, says over 3-hundred police officers have sent in sick leaves.

In Area 3: which consists of St. Elizabeth, Manchester and Clarendon, several police have ignored the Court order.

ACP Kevin Blake, says the situation has improved but there are still being impacted by the protest action.

In the old capital of Spanish Town in St. Catherine, some courts had to operate at reduced capacity, with persons on remand again failing to turn up for their scheduled hearings, as police personnel responsible for securing transportation to and from court, remained off the job.

AND….the Commanding Officer for the St. Andrew Central Police Division, Senior Superintendent Fitz Bailey, says members of his team who called in sick yesterday have so far not turned up for work today.

SSP Bailey says the injunction has not had the desired effect.