Police Federation Chairman, Sergeant Raymond Wilson, is responding strongly to an injunction obtained by the Government which has ordered rank and file members of the Constabulary to return to work.

Thousands of Police personnel have called in sick for a second consecutive day.

Nationwide News has obtained a message sent by Sergeant Wilson to his members telling them that they’re not obligated to bow to moves being made by the government to have them return to work.

Last night, the Attorney General, Patrick Atkinson, obtained the temporary injunction from the Supreme Court ordering them to report for work or face having their assets seized and being found in contempt of court.

Sources at the Police Federation say between yesterday and today over 3-thousand Policemen and women have called in sick. There were approximately 6-hundred additional cases of sick out today.

The Police Federation Chairman began his message this morning by writing – “colleagues, for those of us who are not keeping the best of health, I hope that you will get well soon and I hope that you are taking your medications as prescribed.”

Sergeant Wilson continued – “you may have heard about an injunction filed against the executives of the Police Federation by the Government for the Police to desist from protesting. What protest are they talking about ?”

He continued further – “Police officers are sick and sick persons cannot go back to work until they get better, so the government’s instruction does not stand.”

Sergeant Wilson told rank and file members of the force, that any member who resumes duty before their sick leave is up can be charged for malingering.

He noted that sick leave issued by a doctor, under the Medical Act of Jamaica has satisfied all the requirements of the employment contract which members have signed.

Sergeant Wilson also told his members that late yesterday, the Police Federation received an e-mail from Public Service Minister, Horace Dalley.

He said Minister Dalley invited the union to continue negotiations this Friday.
Sergeant Wilson says the Police Federation has responded confirming their attendance.

Meanwhile .. it’s understood that a number of Policemen across the country today turned in signed medical certificates indicating that they are sick and unable to report to work.