The Health Ministry is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit from a woman who says she was subjected to horrendous treatment as a patient in the antenatal unit at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St. James.

The unit caters to pregnant women.

Nationwide News disclosed this morning that the recent audit ordered by the Health Ministry has unearthed damning findings concerning operations at the unit.

The Health Ministry has refused to disclose the full findings of the audit.

But the woman who gave birth at the hospital in December last year is this afternoon coming forward to tell her graphic tale.

The patient told our news center she was admitted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital in December last year where she had her son.

She says days after she was discharged from Conrwall Regional she went to a clinic because she’d developed a bad odour.

She says doctors and nurses examined her but didn’t tell her what had gone wrong.

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The woman says the nurse at the clinic sent her back to the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

But she says she refused as personnel at the facility had previously ignored and scorned her.

She says she was given medication for the odour but it did not help.

The woman says weeks later she discovered that her pain and bad odour were due to a gauze which was left inside her by doctors, after they closed a wound from her pregnancy.

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The woman says her experience got even worse.

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The woman says her attorney has contacted hospital authorities and the Health Ministry in pursuit of taking legal action.

She says she knows of several persons, including a friend, who’ve had similar bad experiences.

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