Chairman of the Pan American Health Organization, PAHO, Regional Immunization Technical Advisory Group, Professor Peter Figueroa says the UK variant might have been the reason for the surge we saw in covid1-9 cases more than a month ago.

Although the country is seeing a downward trend in covid-19 case at this time, the Ministry of Health reported numbers over 500 cases daily up to last month.

Minister of Health Dr. Christopher Tufton reported yesterday, that of 10 samples sent for testing, 7 came back positive for the UK variant.

Professor Figueroa told our news center this afternoon that the UK variant is among three leading strains of the corona virus globally.

Professor Figueroa notes that although the UK strain maybe spreading throughout the population, he explains that once people are fully vaccinated they will be protected against the variant.

He is urging Jamaicans not to panic but instead to get vaccinated.

He is also calling on residents to adhere to the other covid-19 safety protocols recommended by PAHO and the Health Ministry.

Professor Peter Figueroa, PAHO Chairman and Regional Immunization Technical Advisory Group.