The immediate past President of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association, JMDA, Dr. Alfred Dawes, says there are Health Ministry personnel whose priority is to protect the interest of their political party instead of saving lives.

Dr. Dawes says political cronyism and corruption has destroyed the health sector in Jamaica.

The former JMDA President gave the damning assessment of the country’s health sector today while he addressed a Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, PSOJ President’s Forum.

Dr. Dawes said the dead babies scandal never had to happen.

The man who blew the whistle on the poor state of the health sector in May came out swinging today.

He charged that there are Health Ministry personnel who hide problems because their main aim is not to save lives but first and foremost to protect the image of their party and their political interests.

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Dr. Dawes says over successive administrations medical personnel have been intimidated into silence.

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The former JMDA boss has been silent since May when he alerted the country to the grave conditions and resource shortages in health facilities.

This morning at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston Dr. Dawes says there’s a glimmer of hope as a few more persons now appear willing to demand accountability.

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The 34 year old Dr. Dawes received a standing ovation from an audience which included some of Jamaica’s most powerful captains of industry.

Among them, PSOJ-boss William Mahfood and Jamaica Gleaner Chairman Oliver Clarke.

Government MP Mikhail Phillips, was among those who stood and cheered – when he said Jamaicans must fight back against corruption in the battle for the country’s soul.

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And Dr. Dawes says a review should be carried out of the performance of Board Chairmen of Regional Authorities and hospital management who’ve not yet been sanctioned.

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New Health Minister, Horace Dalley, has requested and received the resignations of the Boards of the Western Regional Health Authority and the University Hospital in the wake of the dead babies scandal.

But Minister Dalley has not sanctioned the Andre Cooke-led Board of the South East Regional Health Authority, SERHA.

Addressing the PSOJ forum today – Dr. Dawes says the Health sector audit has given only a glimpse of the problems.

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