Stevian Simmonds reports.

Local Government Minister, Desmond McKenzie, is appealing to Jamaicans to abandon what he says is a developing mindset that the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us.

Minister McKenzie says the country is courting disaster if the developing trend of indiscipline is allowed to continue.

Minister McKenzie is calling on Jamaicans to abandon a casual mindset towards the coronavirus which has so far claimed over 6-hundred-and-71-thousand lives worldwide.

Minister McKenzie says it must be noted that community spread of COVID-19 has not been confirmed in Jamaica.

He says with an over 80-per cent recovery rate and only 76 active cases, the country is doing well in the fight against the coronavirus but is not out of the woods as yet.

The Local Government Minister says the government is mindful of the fact that approximately 50-thousand Jamaicans have returned home in recent weeks.

And, another 19-thousand have been permitted to re-enter the island in the next few weeks.

Mr. McKenzie was addressing an indigent housing groundbreaking ceremony last evening in Juliet Cuthbert Flynn’s West Rural St. Andrew constituency.

He says he’s concerned about the indiscipline being shown by some Jamaicans and the disregard for COVID-19 protocols.

Minister McKenzie says the Government is redoubling its efforts to protect the elderly from the coronavirus.

Minister McKenzie is warning that if stakeholders refuse to abide by the protocols, the Government is prepared to reverse the relaxation of some of the COVID-19 restrictions.

He’s calling on Jamaicans to be disciplined during the upcoming emanci-pendence holidays.