The Health and Wellness Ministry has discovered a cluster of COVID-19 cases at the Golden Age Home in Vineyard Town in Kingston.

In a statement, the Ministry says it’s collaborating with the Local Government Ministry to conduct expedited tests of persons at the facility.

It says 43 of 72 samples taken from residents and staff at the facility have so far returned a positive result.

It says the cluster was uncovered as part of the Health Ministry’s ongoing, nationwide surveillance of senior citizens’ homes and infirmaries.

The Health and Wellness Ministry says testing of all 428 residents and 162 staff members is expected to be completed in the next two to three days.

In the meantime, it says the Emergency Management Protocols have been triggered at the facility, with those having tested positive being put in isolation while others are put into quarantine pending the outcome of their results.

And, it says all residents and staff are to be monitored closely even as the section of the facility from where the positive tests have come so far is managed with enhanced infection prevention and control procedures.