The Health and Wellness Ministry has issued an advisory urging persons to exercise caution in how they wear masks in the bid to prevent COVID-19.

In a statement issued today, the ministry recommended that masks should be used by persons who are ill with coughing and sneezing and  by persons who are quarantined or isolated at home with or without respiratory symptoms.

It also recommended that household members who care for these persons, or are in the same house should also wear masks.

The Ministry also advises persons diagnosed with COVID-19, who’ve been discharged from hospital, to continue wearing their masks for two weeks.

The recommendation is also extended to the elderly and persons with chronic illnesses who are at high risk of being infected and developing severe illness and complications from COVID-19.

The Health Ministry says it is strongly advising that persons within these vulnerable groups avoid ill persons and minimize their interaction with the public.

It also reiterated that persons should practice social distancing and avoid crowded spaces. 

The Ministry says where these situations cannot be avoided, wearing a mask can reduce the likelihood of exposure.

The Health Ministry says the wearing of masks is advised for persons who don’t readily have access to water or where living conditions do not allow social distancing. 

The Ministry is urging the public to observe infection prevention measures such as hand-washing and sanitization, even while wearing the masks.

The ministry further advises that contaminated masks must be discarded or if reusable, washed to prevent the spread of the virus.

It says masks must be removed by the loops by pulling forward away from your face.