Opposition Senator Damion Crawford, is urging the government to use what he calls the down period in tourism to better develop local crafts men and those who provide transportation to the sector.

He says it’s important that the small entrepreneurs be better prepared to benefit when the sector returns to normal.

Crawford was addressing the Upper House Today.

Senator Crawford says there is too little focus placed on people who actually create craft items, adding that when one visits craft markets there are few items that reflect the local culture.

He says tourist transportation operators should also be a key area of focus during this time.

He’s proper measures should be put in place in time for the revival of Cruise shipping.

Damion Crawford, Opposition Senator, speaking Today in the Upper House.

However, Government Senator Matthew Samuda in reacting to Crawford, says it’s unfortunate for anyone to suggest that the government has not been using the down period during the COVID 19 pandemic to make improvements to the tourism sector.