The operators of a cruise ship which was denied entry to Jamaica is expressing extreme disappointment at the decision made by Jamaican authorities.

On Tuesday, a cruise ship was denied permission to dock in Ocho Rios St. Ann as a precautionary measure to keep the coronavirus from entering the island.

The operator of the cruise ship, MSC Cruises, have reacted strongly via a statement to the media.

In a statement on Wednesday, MSC Cruises said it is extremely disappointed that Jamaican authorities denied the ship permission to dock.

The cruise line says it’s also disappointed that the decision not to give its ship the necessary clearance to disembark guests was delayed for several hours.

According to MSC Cruises, the delay happened despite its personnel having provided detailed medical records to Jamaican health authorities ahead of the ship’s arrival as per normal protocol.

MSC Cruises also says the decision taken overnight by the Grand Cayman authorities to refuse disembarkation at Georgetown was made without reviewing the ship’s medical records.

According to the cruise line, one crew member’s ailment had caused the denial of entry.

MSC Cruises says the ship’s medical records showed that the sick crew member was experiencing the common seasonal flu otherwise known as type A influenza.

The cruise operator says the sick crew member did not travel to or from any territory affected by the Coronavirus or that is subject to any international health restrictions.

The cruise operator says it’s disappointed that in Jamaica and Cayman, its ship was effectively turned away simply based on fears.

On Tuesday, Principal Medical Officer in the Health Ministry, Dr Karen Webster-Kerr, confirmed that the cruise ship was denied access to dock in Ocho Rios, St. Ann.

The ship had more than 4-thousand-500 passengers and 16-hundred crew members aboard.

In the meantime, MSC Cruises is apologizing for any inconvenience caused and the disappointment to its guests in connection with the missed docking calls in Jamaica and Cayman this week.

According to cruise line, up to late yesterday its ship was at sea on her way to Cozumel, Mexico, the next scheduled port of call.

The operator says it’s in contact with health authorities in Mexico to ensure that their decision will be based on a factual review of the ship’s medical records.

MSC Cruises says communication with Mexican authorities is also intended to ensure authorities in that country make a decision with consideration for the pre-embarkation screening and onboard medical sanitization protocols that are in place across its entire fleet.

According to the cruise operator, MSC Meraviglia, its guests and crew have been screened individually upon embarkation, both in terms of their travel history as well as their current health status.

MSC Cruises says it must be noted that it denies embarkation to anyone – crew and guest alike – who has travelled to, from or through mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau.

It also says embarkation is denied to people who, during the past 14 days have travelled to, from or through any of the municipalities that are subject to quarantine in central-northern Italy.

The cruise operator says the crew member who was diagnosed with the common seasonal flu is in stable condition, receiving anti-viral treatment and medication, and is now free of the fever and is nearly recovered.

According to the cruise operator, no other cases of type A influenza have been reported on board the ship.

It also says no cases of the coronavirus have affected any of its fleet.