Education Minister Fayval Williams says the Data Protection Act will ensure the protection of people’s identity information held by the NIDS system. The NIDS legislation is being reviewed by a Parliamentary Joint Select Committee.

She says private companies will also be obligated to provide reasons for collecting and using people’s data. Minister Williams says there will be significant penalties for companies that breach those provisions.

Fayval Williams, Education Minister.

In the meantime, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee reviewing the NIDS legislation, Delroy Chuck, says the bill enables the establishment of what he calls a solid body to protect people’s data. The NIDS board is to have 15 members. That includes the Chief Medical Officer, the Chief Education Officer, the head of the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency, and the head of the entity responsible for children’s welfare.

Delroy Chuck, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee reviewing the NIDS legislation. They were speaking last evening at a Virtual NIDS town hall.