The Supreme Court has denied an application to extend the injunction granted to Professor Brendan Bain, barring the University of the West Indies from terminating  his contract as Director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Training Network, CHART

The ruling was handed down this morning by the three justices hearing Professor Bain’s suit against the UWI.

Justices Lennox Campbell, Paulette Williams and Frank Williams had heard arguments for and against the application late yesterday afternoon.

Today’s ruling means the UWI will no longer be required to continue to pay Professor Bain a monthly salary.

Bain’s attorney, Georgia Gibson-Henlin, says she and her client accept the court’s ruling.

Professor Bain is suing the UWI for its decision to terminate his services as CHART’s Director in May last year.

That decision resulted from Bain’s evidence in a Belizean court which offended some gay rights and other lobby groups.

Those groups have been accused of pressuring the university to fire him.

Meanwhile, Former Executive Director of Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition, CVCC, Ian McKnight, tried to convince Professor Brendan Bain not to offer expert testimony in the Belizean case in 2012.

This was revealed in the Supreme Court today by defense attorney for the University of the West Indies, UWI, Queens Council Hugh Small.

Mr. Small made the revelation at the start of his cross-examination of Professor Bain this afternoon.

According to Mr. Small, McKnight along with another colleague, Dr. John Walters, met with Professor Bain at a hotel in Guyana in May 2012.

The Defense attorney says both McKnight and Walters suggested to Bain that they were aware he was preparing to give expert testimony in the Belizean case challenging that country’s buggery laws.

The men warned Bain that if he went ahead with his testimony, he would be alienated for going against the consensus approach to HIV at both the regional and international level.

Dr. Walters told Professor Bain that he should be aware that it was largely accepted among HIV/AIDS organizations that criminalising buggery hinders the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The cross-examination of Professor Bain will continue in the Supreme Court tomorrow.