PNP candidate for North West St. Ann, Dr. Dayton Campbell, is coming in for more criticism following a comment he made about mental health during the national pre-election debates last night.

Consultant Psychiatrist and Government Senator, Dr. Saphire Longmore she was taken aback and significantly disappointed that Dr. Campbell made a disparaging comment regarding mental illness.

The psychiatrist says Campbell’s words would’ve been distasteful from any participant on the stage.

According to Dr. Longmore, it was even more disappointing and blatantly unprofessional because Dr. Campbell is a medical professional.

She says it’s truly unfortunate that as a trained medical doctor and political candidate, he would add to the stigmatization of persons affected by mental illness.

The Psychiatrist says she hopes Dr. Campbell recognizes his grave unprofessionalism and makes his apology as public as his error and attempt at scoring political points.

Dr. Campbell was also strongly criticized on social media by well known doctor, Michael Abrahams and others.

Here’s the controversial comment from Dr. Campbell.

Dr. Campbell is also being criticized on social media for this comment about Jodian Fearon.

Dr. Christopher Tufton and before him Dr. Dayton Campbell.