The PNP is promising a $3,000 credit toward electricity bills monthly for every household as part of its Wealthy Plan released this evening.

The WEALTHY Plan stands for Water, Employment, Access, Land Ownership, Technology, Housing and Youth.

The plan according to the PNP will significantly modernize Jamaican society.

The PNP as part of It’s WEALTHY plan is also promising a $1,000 credit toward water bills.

This combined with the electricity credit has been dubbed the quality living package which pledges $48,000 in total annually to each residential household.

It’s quality living grant also promises ten thousand households annually $400,000 on the basis of need.

The grant is to cover home improvement and connection to the electricity grid.

The PNP is promising one-hundred thousand jobs over five years across new and existing industries and training 30-thousand in high skilled areas.

It’s also promising universal access to health care through a health card in partnership with the insurance industry.

The plan says universal access to the Internet will be provided along with free wifi access zones across communities in Jamaica.

For the youth the PNP is promising a $4-billion investment fund.

It’s also guaranteeing each tertiary graduate a paid internship in private an public sector companies.

The PNP says to achieve the WEALTHY plan its going to overcome the barriers of crime, corruption and COVID-19.