In the latest so-called Police death squad murder trial, Queen’s Counsel Valerie Neita Robertson during hours of cross-examination attacked the credibility of the Prosecution’s first witness raising what she sees as several inconsistencies.

Mrs. Neita Robertson is representing Detective Corporal Kevin Adams.

Adams and Constable Jerome White are on trial in the Home Circuit Court for the murder of Anthony Trought otherwise called Toby on February 13, 2012, in Clarendon.

The senior attorney also suggested to the witness that he was coached on how to respond to questions during cross-examination.

The seven-member jury also witnessed testy exchanges yesterday between the Prosecution and Mrs. Neita Robertson in relation to her cross-examination style.

Those instances led Presiding Judge, Justice Marcia Dunbar Green, to express her disappointment in the conduct of the attorneys.

Tauna Thomas reports.

Mrs. Neita Robertson while making reference to a number of statements given by the witness cited what she sees as several inconsistencies between the documents and the witness’ testimony so far in the trial.

During his evidence in chief the witness says Mr. Adams shot his friend Toby on February 13, 2012.

The defence attorney suggested to the witness that in his first statement on that day following the incident, he did not tell the investigators he saw Mr. Adams shoot his friend.

She further suggested that the witness first mentioned Adams’ name on September 10, 2014, two weeks before the preliminary hearing for the matter.

When asked why he hadn’t mentioned the name at the first opportunity, the witness told Mrs. Neita Robertson, it ‘wasn’t necessary.’

The senior attorney then asked the witness if he was being coached or instructed—he answered “no Ma’am”

The witness also testified that he saw Adams raise his right shoulder to shoot Toby.

However, Mrs. Neita Robertson says in his statement he said left shoulder.

When she asked which hand it was the witness agreed that it was the policeman’s left shoulder that he saw.

The senior attorney then uttered that her client was right-handed.

She suggested that the witness was an untruthful person but he disagreed.

Mrs. Neita Robertson also recalled that the witness in his written statement said two other other policemen who were on the scene went over to Toby and fired several shots at him.

However, in his evidence he said the those policemen were standing by Toby and fired shots in the direction of the cemetery located behind his house.

The witness admitted he had made an error in his written statement and told the court the two other policemen hadn’t fired at Toby.

Mrs. Neita Robertson then suggested to the witness that he was untruthful but he disagreed.

Meanwhile, the senior attorney sought to suggest that Toby was shot during a shootout with the Police.

A scenario given by Mrs. Neita Robertson said Toby came out of a car that afternoon on First Street in Clarendon with a gun.

She says Toby fired at the Police and they returned fire.

She says Toby suffered gunshot wounds and fell to the ground.

But, the witness told the attorney she was lying.

In the meantime…White’s attorney, Queen’s Counsel Kenneth Churchill Neita, is expected to cross-examine the witness when the trial resumes at 10:00 this morning.