The mother of the man who Constables Collis Chuckie Brown and Rohan Morrison are accused of murdering returned to the witness stand today.

Annette Smith was called back to the witness box in the first of the death squad murder trials.

Miss Smith is the Mother of Fabian Dinnal.

Mr. Dinnal was shot and killed in February 2010.

Prosecutor Annmarie Fuertado Richards asked Miss Smith today to provide clarity on mouth swabs she submitted for forensic analysis as steps were made to positively identify her son.

Miss Smith testified that she’d submitted swabs at a lab at the University of the West Indies, the U.W.I.

The swabs were then analyzed by a forensic scientist at the U.W.I.

Brown and Morrison are being prosecuted by attorneys representing the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM.

The prosecutor is expected to call two more witnesses tomorrow then close its case.

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