Principal of Shortwood Teachers’ College, Dr. Christopher Clarke, was hit with a $2-million fine or 12 months in prison for causing death by dangerous driving.

The non-custodial sentence was handed down this afternoon in the St. Catherine Circuit Court.

The fine is to be paid within two weeks, or Clarke will spend 12 months in prison.

He’s also been disqualified from driving for 12 months.

He’s to remain in custody until the two million dollar fine is paid.

The 55-year-old Principal has spent the last two weeks in jail after being denied bail twice.

His attorney, KD Knight, today addressed the court for over an hour, as he appealed to the judge not to give his client a custodial sentence.

A custodial sentence would’ve caused Clarke to serve time in prison.

Mr. Knight asked the judge to look at the Principal’s scholastic achievement, as well as the good community report given by the probation officer.

And, another person, the CEO, and co-founder of Family Life Ministries, Dr. Barrington Davidson, was also brought to court to give character evidence for Dr. Clarke.

He told the court that he saw Clarke the day after the accident, and he was extremely remorseful about the death of Yvonne Brown.

He said a custodial sentence would be a major loss to society, because of Clarke’s contribution to Shortwood Teachers’ College.

Brown died on March 16, 2014, after the vehicle Clarke was driving hit a motorcycle on the Old Harbour main road in St. Catherine.

Prosecutors said Clarke was overtaking traffic when he slammed into the motorcycle on which Ms. Brown was a pillion rider.