At least one defence attorney in the Klansman Gang Trial is rejecting her client’s membership in the criminal organisation.

Defence attorney, Venice Brown, is representing Dylan McLean, who is one of the 33 persons on trial for breaches of the anti-gang legislation.

McLean is among those who’ve appeared on day 26 of what’s arguable the largest trial in Jamaica’s history.

During cross examination of the second witness, Ms. Brown put it to him that her client’s name was not on the list of gang members that he itemized to the police in his statement.

While not acknowledging an omission, the witness said he did not remember everything in the statement.

This led to the witness being allowed to refresh his memory, by going through several pages of his statement where he listed the gang members and descriptions of the roles they played as part of the gang.

Over the several pages, the witness was repeatedly asked by the defence attorney if he saw her client listed, to which he responded “No mam”.

Ms. Brown also suggested to the witness that he had no details to give the police about her client’s involvement because he had no knowledge of McLean.

The witness rubbished that suggestion affirming he knew the accused who he had shared company with often.

Meanwhile, McLean’s attorney also attempted to dissociate her client in relation to the handling of illegal guns.

According to Ms. Brown the witness’ statement omitted informing the police about several instances where he claimed in his evidence that McLean had illegal guns.

In one instance the attorney asked the witness why he didn’t say in his statement but gave evidence in court that he saw her client retrieve an intra-Tech gun from a roof.

The witness responded that he couldn’t say everything in his statement.

The attorney then suggested that if the witness was a citizen trying to help the police, that wouldn’t have been omitted from the statement.

The witness maintained that he couldn’t put everything in the statement.

The defence attorney also further noted that during the witness’ evidence in chief he said he saw McLean circling the Spanish town based community of Shelter Rock with a gun.

However she said that information was never given to the police during the taking of his statement.

Ms. Brown suggested that the witness was not being truthful in his knowledge of her client’s involvement in gang related activities.

But the witness and former gang member maintained that he was being truthful.