Scores of residents of Payne Avenue converged on the Hunts Bay Police Station, in South St. Andrew after police detained several men in a pre-dawn operation yesterday.

The police say the operation was intended to go after wanted men and gangsters who’ve been plaguing the community in recent times.

The police also say one man was fatally shot during the operations.

But some of the residents say the police unfairly targeted many of the men.

Stevian Simmonds also has that story.

When our news centre visited the Hunts Bay Police station just after midday, there were several men lined up on the front pavement of the building.

A Police Inspector told our news centre the men were waiting to be processed after they were picked up in a Police operation.

The residents say the police entered their community in the early hours and detained several men.

This resident of Payne Avenue, Nancy says her teenage son was one of those detained during the police operations.

This other resident, Marjel Dunkley described the police operations as a curfew.

But the police say the area was not under curfew.

Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay is Head of the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit.

SSP Lindsay says there’s been several gang related shootings and murders in Payneland in recent times.