A new feud has erupted in the Opposition PNP pitting two of the party’s most high profile youngsters against one of its veterans.

Former State Minister, the PNP’s Damion Crawford, is accusing party veteran and former PNP Region 6 Chairman, Dr. DK Duncan, of spreading what he calls wicked propaganda.

Crawford is on the offensive this afternoon following an attack on him and former Deputy General Secretary, Raymond Pryce, by Dr. Duncan yesterday.

Dr. Duncan accused Crawford and Pryce of scandalous behavior and spreading lies.

Addressing a meeting organized by the PNP’s New Foundations group based in East Kingston the PNP veteran accused both Damion Crawford and Raymond Pryce of perpetuating lies that the PNP has sidelined young people.

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Mr. Crawford is livid. He says Dr. Duncan is guilty of incompetence and has used a meeting that was deceptively organized to perpetuate falsehood.

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Addressing the meeting on Sunday – Dr. Duncan also said the PNP Executive was too lenient and should have punished Crawford and Pryce for their scandalous behavior.

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Mr. Crawford says he notes that the former PNP Region 6 Chairman has not presented evidence to substantiate his claim. But Crawford says he’s not surprised.

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And Mr. Crawford is distancing himself from what he says is a series of campaigns currently taking place in the PNP.

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When contacted this afternoon, Raymond Pryce said he’d not comment on the record about Dr. Duncan’s allegations.

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