The Jamaica Medical Doctors Association is warning the Government that its members could soon be affected by the illness which has impacted rank and file members of the Constabulary Force.

The JMDA says its members are becoming increasingly restive and are displeased with the pace of wage negotiations.

The President of the JMDA, Dr. Alfred Dawes says the group has not been contacted by the government since February on its submitted wage proposal.

Lisa Williams reports:

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The JMDA says the illness which has caused members of the Police Federation to be sick for the past three days, may be spreading to doctors.

The JMDA President, Dr. Alfred Dawes says his members have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of dialogue from the Finance Ministry, ever since it submitted its wage and benefits claim in February.

Dr. Dawes says his members have noted that while negotiations with them have stalled, the government is far advanced in its talks with other public sector groups.

The JMDA says it stands in solidarity with all civil servants who are feeling unwell at this time.

Dr. Dawes says he’s concerned about whether the illness now affecting police personnel is contagious, given that the country cannot afford for doctors to be sick.