German-Austrian company, Krauck Systems says it remains confident that its proposed 5-billion US dollar investment in Jamaica’s logistics hub will be successful.

Representatives from Krauck are now in the the island, meeting with government officials.

This after the National Logistics Initiative Council, N-LIC, reported to Cabinet on Monday, that it has significant concerns about the ability of Krauck and Anchor Finance to deliver on the project.

Both Krauck and Anchor were recently given 30 days, under an MOU with the government, to submit documentation proving their capacity to undertake the project.

Those documents were evaluated by N-LIC.

The man listed on the MOU as the point of contact for Krauck, Michael Callahan, says he has taken note of what has been said about the entity in the media.

He says the media may not be receiving reliable information.

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Mr. Callahan said this morning that he was heading into a meeting, but would not say with whom.

Nationwide News was unable to reach the contact person for Anchor Finance, Nassim Siddiqi.

A statement sent by the Ministry of Industry on Tuesday, says representatives from Krauck and Anchor Finance would be in the island to clarify the responses given to the N-LIC during the period of the MOU.