Confidence in the economy increased in the fourth quarter of the financial year, with Jamaican consumers being more optimistic about the business environment and the job market.

That’s according to the latest Consumer and Business Confidence Survey by the Don Anderson-led Market Research Services.

The survey for consumers was conducted between September and December 2022 among 600 people.

The noted pollster while speaking today at the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce’s fourth quarterly Business and Consumer Confidence Indices webinar, informed that Jamaican’s confidence in the economy has increased by nearly 2 per cent.

Consumers in the survey also indicated confidence in the current business conditions.

According to Mr. Anderson the year-on-year data for 2021 and 2022 shows that the negative attitude by consumers towards the business environment in the country was down.

The outlook for the job market similarly recorded an improvement in confidence from consumers.

Don Anderson, Chairman of Market Research Services.

The findings are inline with the pollster’s third quarter findings.

In the third quarter, the percentage of consumers who felt jobs were plentiful moved from almost 6 per cent for 2021 to nearly 10 per cent in 2022.