Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewellyn, is seeking to explain the court’s decision to sentence a man to 18 years and five months imprisonment for the fatal shooting of his lover 24-year-old Shantell White.

Former delivery supervisor Andre Bromfield was given a reduced charge after indicating in his caution statement that he was provoked by White.

DPP Llewellyn, says legal provocation is an established part of the criminal justice system.

Reports are that in 2019, White, an employee at the supermarket, along with Bromfield and others, was in the lunchroom when she was greeted by another male colleague who kissed her on the cheek.

Bromfield, in a bout of rage, reportedly got up from his chair, pulled his licensed firearm from his waist, and shot the woman.

The DPP says any jury would be able to see that the circumstances at play could act as a legal provocation.

Ms. Llewellyn says while the court of public opinion may look unfavourably on the outcome, it’s not out of step with standard commonwealth law.

Paula Llewellyn, Director of Public Prosecutions. She was speaking last evening on Nationwide@5.