The Beryllium security guard who was injured Saturday during a robbery attempt in Albion, St Thomas is in stable condition at hospital.

A search is on in St Thomas for the would be robbers following another shooting incident with police in Morant Bay.

William Mitchell has been tracking the story and files this report.

According to the police, the security guard who was injured as armed men sprayed bullets in the direction of the Beryllium team is being treated at hospital.

It’s understood that his injuries are considered non-life threatening.

It’s another win for the security company on the day.

Reports are when the armed men opened fire on the guards, who were at the gas station to restock an ATM, the thugs were met with resistance.

At least one of the men opened fire from a high powered rifle.

The security guards reportedly defended their position, forcing the criminals to retreat without taking a dollar.

When the shooting subsided, several motor vehicles, windows and doors were riddled with bullets.

Civilian videos captured the criminals beating a hasty retreat.

But the police were soon on the case. Acting on information, the police carried out subsequent operations in Morant Bay, about an hour’s drive away.

A vehicle matching the description of one used in the attempted robbery was spotted. When the police approached the occupants reportedly opened fire.

The police returned fire and a brief chase ensued in the vicinity of the Morant Bay roundabout.

The vehicle reportedly crashed and the armed men were forced to flee on foot.

Our news centre understands that the police are combing the area in their efforts to locate the assailants. The car has been seized.

The police say they are following several leads as they continue their operations.

Beryllium has been the target of several daring daylight robbery attempts in recent weeks.

In an incident at the Portmore Pines Plaza, in St Catherine in February a security guard was killed. Two others were injured and $10 million stolen.

Six people, including a Beryllium employee, have been taken into custody in relation to that incident.

Weeks later in March, another incident in Portmore led to $23 million being stolen.

There was also an attempted robbery in St Elizabeth in April where the would be robbers were foiled by Beryllium guards.