Chief of Staff in the office of the Opposition Leader, Imani Duncan-Price, has declared her interest in representing the PNP in the constituency of Central Kingston.

She made the announcement in a letter to the constituency committee dated Monday, May 13.

The current Member of Parliament, Reverend Ronald Thwaites, has so far declined to confirm whether he’ll be the PNP’s standard bearer for the constituency in the next General Elections.

Stevian Simmonds tells us more.

Mrs. Duncan-Price says following discussions with Central Kingston MP, Rev Ronald Thwaites, she would like to share that if and when a vacancy exists for the position of PNP candidate for the constituency she intends to offer herself.

She points to her record which she believes will enable her to offer the kind of leadership which will take Central Kingston further along the path of progress and development.

She says in the interim, Comrade Thwaites has accepted her offer to work with the constituency organization and play her part in re-energising the PNP base.

Mrs. Duncan-Price says she has a special interest in developing the Rae Town Old Hits Park into a vibrant day and night entertainment centre.

She says she intends to meet with all PNP group members and PNP workers to learn from them and share with them her development vision.

Mrs. Duncan-Price, previously represented the PNP in the East Rural St. Andrew constituency during the 2016 General Elections.

She lost that contest to current MP, Juliet Holness, by six-hundred and 90 votes.

Central Kingston, which is considered a PNP bastion, has been represented by Reverend Thwaites since 2007.

PNP sources say former North East St Elizabeth MP, Raymond Pryce is also interested in succeeding Rev. Thwaites.