Political Ombudsman, Donna Parchment Brown, says the controversial White-T-Shirt Observer incident involving People’s National Party, PNP, South East Clarendon Caretaker, Patricia Duncan Sutherland could’ve caused serious confrontation.

The PNP Caretaker and a team of party activists wore white T-shirts with the word observer printed on the back, during Monday’s by-election in the constituency.

Mrs Duncan Sutherland told our news centre on Monday evening, that her team observed the voting procedure and made notes of those who voted.

Mrs Parchment Brown says the potential for confrontation on Monday was very high.

Donna Parchment Brown, Political Ombudsman.

She says an election official has suggested that going forward, official observers be published in advance.

In the meantime, Director of Elections, Glasspole Brown, says while it’s clear the action was a breach, it would need further examination to determine the seriousness.

Glasspole Brown, Director of Elections.

They were speaking last evening on Nationwide @ 5.

Meanwhile, noted constitutional lawyer and Chairman of Citizens Action For Free and Fair Elections, CAFFE, Dr Lloyd Barnett, says the political parties should condemn the action of the PNP caretaker.

Dr Barnett says the action would have been intimidating to some people.

Dr. Lloyd Barnett, Chairman of Citizens Action For Free and Fair Elections, speaking last evening on Nationwide @ 5.

In the meantime…Mayor of Port Maria, the JLP’s Richard Creary, is alleging that members of the People’s National Party broke the rules when they interfered with Monday’s by-election proceedings in South East Clarendon.

Mr. Creary says he was on official party duties during the by-election in which the JLP’s Pearnel Charles Junior defeated Independent Candidate, Dereck Lambert by more than six thousand votes.

Mr. Creary also accused PNP supporters of trying to sway voters with bribes.

He further alleged that the controversial ‘observer t-shirt’ incident was designed to suppress votes.

Richard Creary, Mayor of Port Maria, speaking during Cliff Hughes Online yesterday.