The East Kingston Police have increased their presence in sections of the division following the fatal shooting of a man at a private medical facility on Deanery Road this morning.

The dead man is yet to be identified.

But speculation is rife in the area that he may be a high ranking member of a gang operating in the area.

Reports reaching our news centre are tensions remain high in a section of Mountain View Avenue where it’s believed the unidentified man is from.

Two women and a toddler were wounded following the shooting in Vineyard Town, St. Andrew this morning.

Reports are shortly after 10, gunmen invaded the medical centre where they opened fire hitting the man several times.

It’s understood that upon making their escape they fired more shots in the direction of the facility which hit two women and a 3-year-old boy.

Residents from a section of Mountain View Avenue are calling on the police to maintain an increased presence as they fear reprisal shootings might take place