Education Ministry is refuting as inaccurate reports published in the Gleaner newspaper today claiming that Campion College did not receive payments from the Career Advancement Programme, CAP.

The Ministry in a statement today says the claims attributed to the assistant bursar of Campion College are false.

Principal of Campion, Grace Baston, says she did not have discussions with the media but rather the assistant bursar who gave an incorrect report.

Mrs.Baston says the school received $1.6 million for students from the Education Ministry.

She says the funds were uploaded from the Ministry to its accounts on December 4, 2018 which amounted to $400,675 and June 17, 2019 which amounted to $675,901.88.

The principal says the remaining amount is being processed by the Ministry which is expected to be paid by tomorrow.

According to the Education Ministry, the Acting Permanent Secretary received a letter from Mrs. Baston apologizing for the inaccurate Gleaner report.

The principal also says she has contacted Gary Allen, CEO of the RJR/Gleaner Communications who agreed to print a correction in tomorrow’s paper.