The Ministry of Education has instructed the Angels Primary School in St. Catherine to desist from facilitating face-to-face exams for its students.

A Nationwide News report yesterday revealed that grade 2 and 5 students attended the school’s campus to sit their mid-term exams.

The Ministry of Education has not granted face-to-face learning or exam modality for primary schools.

When questioned, the Principal of the School, Nero Christian, said the school’s board had given this approval.

However, in a statement issued by the Ministry this morning, it advised the region via e-mail to desist from facilitating students face-to-face after learning that the school was operating contrary to the Disaster Risk Management Act.

It said their reports indicated that grade 2 and 5 students were invited to attend face-to-face to sit their mid-term exams.

It noted that they were accommodated in groups of 12 by one teacher.

The statement further revealed that the Education Officer has advised the principal that the region will take action to have the matter further addressed and to also instruct that face-to-face activity desists with immediate effect.

It said that the principal apologized and agreed to discontinue.