The Education Ministry is reporting minimal disruption to school operations arising from this morning’s call for industrial action by the country’s teachers.

President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, JTA, La Sonja Harrison, had called on her colleagues to take action to register their displeasure at what she says was the government’s disrespect towards them.

But checks by our news centre shortly before news time found no serious response to the call.

Shaloy Smikle reports:

A militant JTA President, La Sonja Harrison, had called for industrial action across at least 8 parishes.

But checks by our news centre could only find two schools that had advised parents to expect disruption in the flow of classes today.

George Headley Primary School in Kingston advised parents to collect children who had been dropped off for school. While over at Kensington Primary in St. Catherine, a similar notice was issued.

However, Acting Permanent Secretary in the Education Ministry, Maureen Dwyer, says up to at least 11:30 this morning, there were no reports of significant disruptions across the seven education regions.

Mrs. Dwyer says the Ministry remains on alert for any further disruption over the next 24-hours.

The latest call from the JTA President follows a media briefing three days ago in which she called on the government to immediately respond to the plight of teachers.

Several teachers across the country continue to complain of anomalies in the calculation of their salaries following the implementation of the compensation review exercise.