Educators are pushing back on suggestions from Prime Minister Andrew Holness that vaccinated teachers may receive preferential treatment from the government.

The Prime Minister’s comments come amid concerns about whether face-to-face classes will resume in September in light of rising cases.

President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, Jasford Gabriel, says the suggestion is concerning.

There are concerns that if vaccination rates among the island’s teachers do not increase, the reopening of schools may be adversely impacted.

The Ministry of Health data reveals that just 33-percent of the island’s registered teachers have so far received a dose of the vaccine.

Senior Teacher at St. Aloysius Primary School in downtown Kingston, Jermaine Gordon, says teachers refuse to be pressured to take the jab.

Meanwhile, Public Relations Officer, Jamaica Association of Principal’s of Secondary Schools, Linvern Wright, says teachers have a right to refuse the jab without being disenfranchised.

He says some teachers are taking the time to better understand the science around vaccines.

Linvern Wright, PRO of the Jamaica Association of Principals.

The gentlemen were speaking last evening during Nationwide at 5.