Is either him or me!

That’s the reason given by the prosecution’s second witness in the Klansman Gang Trial, for why he helped the gangsters to murder people including a man he admitted was his friend.

According to the witness, he was never a crime producer and being a gangster was not in his nature.

But he says he was following the orders of the man he says headed the One Don faction of the criminal organisation, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan.

The witness is presenting evidence against Bryan and 32 other alleged members of the Klansman Gang.

Stevian Simmons reports.

On day 22, the prosecution’s second witness faced off with defence attorney for Bryan, Lloyd McFarlane, over inconsistencies between the statement he gave police and what he’s told the court.

The witness, who says he was a top-tier member of the gang and don for Lauriston at one point, says he conjured up the courage to go to the police in 2018, aiming to put an end to the gang.

He says he’d gone at least one time before and turned back, fearing for his life.

But attorney McFarlane questioned the witness’ credibility, asking why he was confident he, being a member of the gang wouldn’t also be arrested by the police.

The witness says he was confident Bryan, who was detained at the time, would not have revealed details about his cronies to the police.

The witness also says he’d made up his mind that even if the police were going to arrest him, he had to put an end to the gang and their crimes.

The attorney also questioned the details the witness gave the police in a statement about the murder of a man called ‘Dooley’ and another man called ‘Outlaw’.

The witness told the court last week that Dooley was a friend of his and a gangster loyal to gang leader Tesha Miller.

According to Mr. McFarlane, there are differences in some of the details in the police statement compared to what the witness has been outlining before the courts.

The witness admitted he’s made some mistakes in his statement to the police.

But he insisted he was being honest in presenting evidence to the court.

According to the witness, he’s been through a lot over the years, trying to keep himself safe and he’s traumatised.

According to the witness:

“When I was giving statement different from now, I was under a lot of stress, but Am not telling any lie on anyone, you can ask the defendant behind you.”

He says he’s only told one lie.

But the defense attorney refused to allow the witness to explain what that was.

The defense attorney asked the witness why he was near the crime scene where “Outlaw” was killed if he never wanted the man dead in the first place.

The witness explained that under Bryan’s system, the gangsters were sometimes required to go to the crime scene of their targets, and even take photos of the murdered person, to confirm to the gang leader the target was dead.

He says he was just following instructions.

The witness says if he didn’t go ahead with Bryan’s orders, he would be the one murdered.

In the meantime, attorney for Kevon Green, Shannon Clarke requested additional time to prepare for cross examining the witness.

Presiding judge Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, ruled that the prosecution’s first witness would tomorrow be cross examined by attorney Denise Hinson who represents the accused Bryan Morris.

And he says after that the trial will be adjourned until Thursday, to give the other attorneys time to prepare to cross examine the second witness.