The General Election debates are to be staged between August 25 and August 29.

The Jamaica Debates Commission, JDC, says on Tuesday, August 25 a team debate will be held on social issues in the country.

The second debate on Finance issues will be staged on Thursday, August 27.

Tnd the third debate between the party leaders will be staged on Saturday August 29, 2020.

The JDC says all three debates will last 90-minutes and will air on radio, television and online starting at 9.00PM.

Based on a coin toss on Saturday, the PNP’s debaters, will deliver the first of the opening statements in all three debates and the JLP’s representatives will deliver the the closing.

The Commission says that this year due to the COVID-19 restrictions, there will not be a studio audience for the debates, though each side will have a team of three advisors.

The Commission will announce the list of debaters, hosts and questioners closer to the debates.

That there will be two journalists as questioners for each debate.

In each round of questions by the journalists, there will be a third question taken from social media.

This is the 7th round of debates being staged by the JDC.