The Jamaica Progressive Party, the country’s fourth registered political party says it will not be contesting the upcoming General Elections on September 3.

The JPP, in a release over the weekend says it has taken the strategic decision to retool, sharpen its political acumen and strengthen its organization’s internal and external structures.

It says the party has been experiencing difficulties in laying the foundation in order to effect its plans.

JPP President Gilbert Edwards says Jamaica is suffering from a virus called, “red-tapism”, a “plandemic” instituted by the minority who sits on top and the only ones suffering are the less fortunate people.

He says the JPP was blocked from opening an account at a number of banking institutions, due to existing bureaucracy which does not facilitate new political parties opening accounts.

He’s condemning what he sees as systemic discrimination which does not affect the two tribal parties in Jamaica.

The JPP President says in the interest of all Jamaica the playing field must be made level.

The JPP, made up primarily of pastors from across the island, registered as Jamaica’s fourth political party on July 15.

It raised eyebrows with some of its bold promises to include single-handedly paying off Jamaica’s debt, turning the country into a Kingdom, and instituting the death penalty for all gang members and drug traffickers.