The former police Commissioner Owen Ellington has told the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry that three policeman and one soldier were killed during the May 2010 operation in Tivoli Gradens.

Mr. Ellington said one of the policemen was forced to prepare a  grave, before he was killed executive style.

Mr Ellington outlined details of the police plan utilised during the operation in Tivoli Gardens in May 2010.

He said the main aim of the operation was to ensure the violence engulfing Tivoli Gardens didn’t affect other communities in Kingston.

Mr. Ellington said members of the police force were given detailed instructions on how to carry out the operation with little force.

The former police commissioner also told the Enquiry that police used tactics to protect the most vulnerable in Tivoli Gardens, the women and children.

Owen Ellington, former Commissioner of Police, testifying at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry yesterday.