The former Public Defender, Earl Witter has been accused by Mr. Ellington of making untrue and unfounded allegations regarding the conduct of the security forces during the 2010 operation in West Kingston.

Owen Ellington, Retired Police Commissioner responding to attorney Deborah Martin.

Commission Chairman, Sir David Simmons sought clarity on the nature of the allegations made by Mr. Witter.

Deborah Martin and Owen Ellington responding to a query from Chairman of the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, Sir David Simmons.

Mr. Ellington this morning displayed video and pictorial evidence which painted Tivoli Gardens and some sections of West Kingston as a fortress for criminals in 2010.

The enquiry was shown videos of a  number of high powered weapons and explosive devices, along with high caliber ammunition recovered during the operation.

The videos also showed pictures of a Police armored vehicle which was allegedly damaged by gunmen’s bullets during the operation in 2010.

The gruesome image of the skeletal remains of a Policeman who was shot dead in Tivoli, after being made to dig his grave, was also shown to the Enquiry this morning.
Owen Ellington says some gunmen in Jamaica regarded the former Tivoli Gardens strongman, Christopher Dudus Coke as the ‘don of all dons’.

This as he gave testimony this morning at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

Mr. Ellington testified that a number of gunmen loyal to Coke were imported into West Kingston during the 2010 security forces operation.

He says some were killed.

Mr. Ellington says some escaped and were killed at a later date, during confrontations with the Police.

Meanwhile Mr. Ellington told the Enquiry that Coke may have escaped Tivoli via a network of tunnels in West Kingston, as the security forces closed in on him.