Education Minister, Fayval Williams is encouraging students and parents to use the appropriate channels to seek changes in relation to school rules on grooming.

The Minister’s appeal follows an incident this week at the Godfrey Stewart high school in Westmoreland where a protest ensued after a number of students were deemed to be in violation of the school’s dress code.

According to the Education Ministry loud protests and road blocks were used to obstruct the flow of traffic along the one-way thoroughfare where the school is located.

Minister Williams was speaking on Nationwide This Morning.

She says it’s the desire of the Education Ministry for parents to engage their schools in a civil manner.

The Education Minister argued that parents cannot foster indiscipline by not abiding by the rules that were arrived at through consultation. 

Fayval Williams, Education Minister.

In the meantime, Minister Williams says children should be taught to obey rules.

Fayval Williams, Education Minister.